Scientific Committee

Currently, the Scientific Committee is composed by the following members, whose affiliation and specific technical-scientific expertise are reported. 

Alberto BravinAlberto BRAVIN
X-Ray Phase-Contrast (XPC) Imaging
and Tomography

Onofrio Antonino CACIOPPOOnofrio Antonino CACIOPPO
Failure Analysis using TEM techniques

  Luciana DiniLuciana DINI
CryoTEM for Life Science and related preparations for structural analysis
ESRF - Grenoble Lfoundry   Sapienza
CV   CV   CV
Scanning Electron Tomography

Giuseppe FamiliariGiuseppe FAMILIARI
TEM techniques in Life Science

  Carlo Mariani colCarlo MARIANI
Electron spectroscopy techniques
University of Brescia Sapienza Sapienza
 CV   CV    CV 
Vittorio MorandiVittorio MORANDI
TEM Techniques in Material Science

Naurang SainiNaurang SAINI
X-Ray Techniques

  Beatrice ValloneBeatrice VALLONE 
CryoTEM for Structural Biology
CNR - IMM Bologna Sapienza Sapienza
 CV    CV    CV
Ilenia ViolaIlenia VIOLA
Confocal Microscopy